What are History Links?

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History Links are unit studies for Catholic homeschoolers. Each unit integrates Roman Catholic doctrine and tradition with the study of World History to help your children understand the past, make virtuous choices in the present, and look forward to the future. Each History Link is packed with thought-provoking questions, hands-on projects, and interesting research and report ideas that will have your children begging for more.


Family-friendly: Designed to meet the needs of the large family. There are even ideas for the toddler listed on every page.

Easy: Teaches the entire family together, from preschool through high school. Supply lists and age levels are given for each project in the margin; simply scan to see which activities you wish to do that day or week, and then implement them. So easy that many parents do not even develop formal lesson plans when using this program.

Flexible: Designed so that the parent can tailor-make a unit that meets the needs of the individual family or child.

Family-centered: Builds family memories and family relationships while helping to solidify your children's understanding of history and their Faith.

Orthodox: Incorporates encyclicals and documents of the Church, writings of the Saints and early Church Fathers, and Sacred Scripture throughout the program.

Academic: Critical Thinking Skills are foundational to this program. Original texts and classical works are utilized throughout the units.

Economical: No need to buy to buy a huge volume including many units that won't be used.

Sequential: The material is presented in an organized and sequential manner; however, the units may be used in any order desired.

Enjoyable: Exploring ancient works, engaging in memorable activities, initiating research projects: History will probably become your children's favorite subject!