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Guardian's Egypt

Possibly the best Egypt site I have come across. Guardian's Egypt has information and links for many aspects of Egyptology. This site also has a page devoted to kids



"The word Copt is derived from the Greek word Aigyptos, which was, in turn, derived from "Hikaptah", one of the names for Memphis, the first capital of Ancient Egypt. The modern use of the term... The Coptic Church is based on the teachings of Saint Mark who brought Christianity to Egypt during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero..."

This is an excellen resource by The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt, containing links to many useful Egyptian sites.

The Coptic Language is especially important because it developed from the Ancient Egyptian Language. It was instrumental in the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone. For more information on Coptic see Hieroglyphs

Egypt Page

Another link page with a lot of links and descriptions


Oriental Institute

A section of the Oriental Institute of Chicago U. This site has an interesting article from '94 on Computers, Graphics, and Papyrology, and a Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet, among other things.

The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian

This site has the most detailed descriptions of the pronunciation of hieroglyphs that I have seen. It also has some good historical information.

Hieroglyphic Name Translator

A hieroglyph encoder. Takes a phonetic spelling of a name and converts it to hieroglyphs.

The Language of Ancient Egypt

One of the best Egyptian language resources I have found. This site has introductions to hieratic and demotic, as well as hieroglyphs.


Perfume and the Egyptian Mummification Process

This link on perfumes used in embalming was provided by Monica Kent and her students at the local community center. This site further links to some fascinating articles and sites. Thank you, Ms. Kent and students!

Royal Ontario Museum--Egypt

This site has a potpourri of interesting things, including a hieroglyph list, how to make your own mummy, and an Ancient Egypt quiz.

The Akhet-Aten Home Page

A good resource on the Amarna Period, including The Great Hymn to the Aten.

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

A lot more than just tourism, this site contains some interesting links related to Egyptian history. One site that I find especially useful is Egyptian Kings. Most of the Ancient Egyptian history is at Egyptian Antiquities. It also has a lot of fun stuff for kids like this coloring book.

Giza Pyramids; the Vanishing Point

This is a very interesting theory.


Neferchichi's Tomb

(Formerly The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs.) A site with extensive Egypt-related clip-art and backgrounds.