Unit studies and Children with Learning Problems

Many families choose an integrated learning, or unit study approach because it works for all children. It can be used by the most studious child or by the most active child. This approach is totally flexible to meet the needs of each individual student.

It is wonderful that all children can learn using this approach, but if a child remains behind in his core subjects at some point we become concerned. If our child is not reading well by nine or ten or if he isn't a good speller by twelve we become anxious–and these concerns are justified. The unit study approach works great for these students because they can continue to learn so much about history, science, or government, and yet we need to ensure their success in life by helping them to succeed in the three R's.

Each of the principal authors of History Links has at least one child who has learning problems. We have found that hands-on activities have worked very well for these kids, but we have worked hard to try to help them succeed in their core subjects, too. We have tried different approaches with varied degrees of success.

Barb's daughter has had such tremendous success with the Audiblox program from South Africa that Barb has shared the program with many others, including Jennifer and Kim, co-authors of History Links. She has posted her family's story here with a link to the Audiblox website. Owing to an arrangement with the Audiblox company, this program is now available in the US and Canada exclusively through Wooly Lamb Publishing.

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